Welcome to ComplianceX.com!

Back in 2008, like most people, I had an existential moment when I looked into the abyss of the financial crisis and worried about what the Great Recession would do to my career and life.

I enjoyed being a recruiter and running a recruiting firm, Compliance Search Group, and helping people find great new jobs and happiness. If the economy imploded, what would happen? Would I have to forsake the job and business that I loved?

Instead of bemoaning my fate, I took positive, assertive, forward-moving actions. As a recruiter, it was always important to me to closely follow the financial markets, economy, business, Wall Street, politics and current events so that I could be well-informed to properly advise candidates and clients of the bigger events that could either positively or negatively impact their careers.

The ComplianceX blog emanated from this mindset. I started a blog to offer useful, relevant information to help people navigate and succeed in their careers—whether it is by advancing in their current role or by pursuing a new job.

Our mission has also progressed and continues to grow. We started with a focus on corporate professionals in compliance, legal and regulatory careers.

But why stop there? Our news and jobs cater to a bigger picture, saving and changing the world.

With our enhanced blog and new job board, WeCruitr.jobs, we have thousands of jobs that offer the chance to save the environment from companies that emit toxic waste into our oceans, catch executives that trade on inside information for a quick million dollars, prevent car manufactures that try to sell automobiles with defective parts to save a few cents (all the while knowing that drivers and passengers may perish due to the problems) and stop banks from laundering money for terrorist organizations that use the funds to kill innocent children. If you desire a meaningful career that makes a real difference and impact, WeCruitr.jobs is for you.

If you are a hiring manager and care about finding the best, smartest, most passionate and motivated employees, you absolutely must post your jobs on our site.


Jack Kelly

CEO and Founder, The Compliance Search Group