Wall Street Executive Jobs

Wall Street Executive Jobs

Everything you need to know about the Exciting and Stimulating new Tax plan but too Scared to ask

By Jack Kelly: President Trump along with his former Goldman Sachs guys gang, Director of the National Economic Council Gary Cohn and  Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, announced plans for a dramatic new tax plan. Since most everyone reading our newsletter has a job or ...Read More

Another Day Another Stock Market Record and the Alarming Ascension of Artificial Intelligence

By Jack Kelly: Today stocks are rallying again and Nasdaq breaks 6,000 for the first time. For a second day in a row household name brand companies such as Caterpillar and McDonald’s reported positive earnings that were lifting the Dow in early trading. An hour ...Read More

Sad Wells Fargo Directors, Syrian Sanctions, Sacrebleu-the French elections, and the Success of AI

By Jack Kelly: Today the US Treasury Department announced “one of the largest sanctions actions in its history,” levied against  271 individuals  in response to the recent chemical attack against civilians in the Khan Sheikhoun region of  Syria. The Treasury Department specifically targeted individuals ...Read More

Sorry, you don’t get a toy with that “Super Sized” FINRA fine

By Jack J. Kelly We have a little work-hack for our regulatory friends. Often times the media, regulators, politicians and law enforcement look at the CEO and executive management when companies are found to have committed fraudulent activities.  The theory is that the tone ...Read More

The Stock Market is up 200 Points, we have Lower Unemployment, Hedge Funds are Back in Style and a top Bank Regulator Admits it Completely Missed the Wells Fargo new accounts Scandal

By Jack Kelly: As I am writing the newsletter, about 3:00 New York time, the market is up over 200 points. The sudden jump after some down days is due, in part, to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s announcement that a corporate and individual tax ...Read More