Shame On You(Tube): Policies Ignored To Boost Viewership

By Danny Van Brunt

YouTube Goal: Reach One Billion Hours Of Viewership Per Day

YouTube’s goal of reaching one billion hours a day of viewership has complicated their employees’ roles in moderating content. Setting the bar so high has discouraged employees from even acknowledging the existence of harmful content.

At least five senior employees have quit over this issue. They started by letting videos stay online that were borderline harmful, and would simply take away the video from the recommended videos tab. If employees knowingly ignored videos that could be considered harmful, than YouTube could certainly be held accountable.

Dead CEO Embezzled Funds From Firm; Assets Now Frozen

The death of the CEO Gerald Cotten who owned the Canadian cryptocurrency firm called QuadrigaCX has misplaced up to $200 million in crypto funds, and the most recent development in this case now is that investigators have found evidence of embezzlement. In response, they froze Cotten and his wife’s assets.

Just last Friday, a former attorney for the crypto firm submitted a story to Coindesk about how QuadrigaCX went from a firm who played by the rules to a firm who wanted to go private and fired all employees considered ‘law and order folks.’ This important detail shifted the story into skeptical territory.

Little by little, the public is is opening their eyes to a scandal that was once pretty believable. But when you take a second look, Cotten’s death is just too mysterious to let it go.

Malicious Malware At Mar-a-Lago

A Chinese woman tried to fool Secret Service members at President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida to gain entrance. After examining various cell phones, laptops and a thumb drive, Secret Service members identified malicious malware on the thumb drive.

New Calls To Overthrow Dictators

The Venezuelan dictator Nicholas Maduro is front and center of the fight for freedom around the world. However, the calls this time are not coming from Washington D.C., but from San Francisco?

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong believes that with the help of cryptocurrency, he can help the people of Venezuela overthrow the government — by giving them cryptocurrency. Now, we should commend Armstrong for trying to help the people of Venezuela, but let’s remember, cryptocurrencies have enabled Maduro to operate even with some of the tightest sanctions.

‘Pharma Bro’ Heads To Solitary Confinement

Martin Shkreli, or the ‘Pharma Bro,’ is serving a seven-year jail sentence for upping the price on a life-saving AIDS drug as well as defrauding investors. Now he is heading to solitary confinement for using a contraband cell phone to operate his pharmaceutical business from behind bars.

“Dogecoin Rulz”

In a Twitter poll, crypto firm Dogecoin asked people to choose one of four candidates as their next CEO, with Elon Musk winning over 50% of the vote. He commented on the poll that Dogecoin was his favorite crypto, and then posted a picture of a golden retriever (which is basically the crypto company’s mascot) along with “Dogecoin Rulz.” Its price has risen 25% in the last 24 hours alone, it is valued at over $374 million and that ranks them as the 25th largest cryptocurrency.

Shoutout to @BotOfDogecoin for retweeting us. Check out our Twitter page @ComplianceX. Musk is never short of good, humorous material. Just yesterday, he was rapping about a dead gorilla on SoundCloud — the song was called “RIP Harambe.”


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