You promised, You Promised. I Hate You. I’ll Sue You.

Perhaps Brooklyn Law School taught their students too well.

Usually, when a student graduates from collage or graduate school they seek out a job. In good markets the job search can be easy with multiple offers to consider.  In tough market such as this; it is not very easy.

What do you do in this post financial crisis job market with 9% unemployment and a palpable general negative malaise surrounding the economy? Do you search harder? Do you send out more resumes? Do you network like crazy? Do you join LinkedIn, post your resume on job sites, and accept a lower level job until things get better?

The answer to the afore-referenced is a resounding no if you are a graduate from Brooklyn Law School.

The correct answer is to sue your school.

75 alumni have filed at least 15 class-action lawsuits accusing their law schools of inflating employment and salary data to attract prospective students and giving students false hopes.

Recent graduates from New York Law School filed a $200 million class action suit in damages for fraud, negligent misrepresentation, and violations of business law.

“Attending Brooklyn Law and forking nearly $150,000 in tuition payments is a terrible investment” claimed the graduates of Brooklyn Law.

Brooklyn Law’s web site claimed a successful employment rate up to 98 percent within nine months of graduation. The students allege in their fraud claim that these figures included students who had part-time or temporary work unrelated to the legal field, according to the Daily News.

It is heartwarming to see all these students apply the lessons learned in school.

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