Welcome back to the office for the few of you who decided not to extend your holiday weekend. So what’s in the news for today?

ezgif.com-resize (3)Dodd-Frank is back, this time regarding complaints from executives that compensation provisions don’t really provide any useful intelligence.

Puerto Rico is also hot today, and I’m not talking about the weather. For everything you need to know, check this out, which tells you most of what is going on, including how they have the highest per capita debt than any other state, and how they can’t declare bankruptcy.

NY based hedge fund investors are now fighting to save their investments in Puerto Rico, which, a short while ago, was one of the hottest assets on the market.

Like Puerto Rico, Greece stock market has been pluming down and still investors are buying Greek shares even though the Athens stock market is shut-down. Do they see a future comeback?

For those of you new to the compliance world, or for those of you who would like to read more about it (probably all of you), then check this out for more information, like how vital the role of a CCO is, for instance.

The information they provide could have prevented Deloitte from paying nearly $1million to resolve SEC auditor independence rule changes, had they listened.

Paying $1 million is bad enough for Deloitte, but what about the U.S Supreme Court granting AIB approval to sue Citigroup for $500 million due to a fraud claim? No wonder why AIB said “We look forward to the trial.”

At least being sued isn’t as bad as potentially facing a maximum of 20 years like an undercover DEA agent turned bitcoin thief who pleaded guilty to his charges. Was it really worth it?

Like the DEA thief, maybe these Hackers should’ve thought twice when they targeted employees of a Bitcoin exchange via Skype before stealing $5 million. What’s going on with Bitcoin exchange?

These thief’s should consider being like Brad Katsuyama, the man building a stock exchange that doesn’t screw people over. Now that’s the way to go!

Also, if you want to make more money or see existing trends in the stock market, take a look at this for the best trades from the first half of 2015 to give you an idea of what is hot right now. For some nice, inspiring quotes to get your day started right, check this out to get you motivated.

Looking for new employees? Check out these useful, largely unknown tools for job hunters that twitter has to offer.

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Everyone enjoy your Independence day & have a Happy 4th of July!

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