Upcoming Spring Fashion Trends

With the warm weather approaching, the inevitable changing of season fashion is upon us. It is time to start considering where to store your winter-wear to make room for your lighter, more spring/summer attire. What does spring/summer attire entail, you ask? This season, it is all about bright, poppy colors and cool, smooth pastel shades.

The runways at New York’s fashion week featured a number of bold prints and exhilarating, shiny basics. Most of which you probably won’t run out and purchase to wear the next day at the office. Women’s wear in spring can be sporty, bright and fun. Office friendly dresses and two to three button blazers will be found in varying shades of the season’s most popular color, tangerine, among other vibrant colors. Not ready to make your fashion statement so bold? Try a suit in a calming pastel blue.

Another emerging trend is prints. Pleasing floral, nautical and colorblocking prints are embracing dresses and tops. Also, neon colors will be everywhere this spring. But if you aren’t one for neon, try pairing an orange belt or bright shoe  or lipstick with your classic winter grays, khakis or blacks.

For men, it looks to be a similar trend: color. Designers are incorporating bolder, brighter hues with the typical colors found in men’s fashion into their spring collections. One change you may be spotting is a more relaxed fight. While skinny has been all the rage, and still will be in, pants and suits are becoming looser. Tailoring of the shoulders and pants are wider allowing for more movement in the fabric. There seems to be an urge to bring masculinity back and tone down the pants that look like leggings and the tight skinny, form-fitting jackets.

Now, it’s time to address a reader question. Warm weather always brings up an important concern for women, what do you wear under your sheer blouse so you aren’t revealing the goods? Is a sheer blouse even appropriate to wear at the office?

You can certainly wear a sheer blouse to the office, just do it in a tasteful way. Possibly wear a neutral color turtle neck underneath, or maybe a bright cami under the sheer blouse, paired with a vest on top. You can mix and match the colors to create a couple of different outfits. Also, sheer doesn’t necessarily have to be flimsy. A nice silk shirt will still hint at the skin beneath but is solid enough to wear under a blazer. A blouse with sheer trimming can be worn over a solid cami as well, thus disguising its’ sheerness and still suitable for the office environment.

So, there you have it. Start preparing your spring fashion arsenal! With the weather warming up, so should your spirit. It’s time to start including that “spring is almost here” excitement into your wardrobe.

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