Uber Used Spyware To Steal Rideshare Competition

By Danny Van Brunt


Uber’s Plan To Put Competitors Out-Of-Business

Uber created a spyware tool in Australia to crush its competitor GoCatch by any means necessary. The tool was code-named Surfcam—and the extent to which Uber went to eliminate its rival ventures into nefarious territory.

Uber used the software to steal data from the competing company’s drivers with the intention of poaching them. If Uber was able to steal all of the drivers to come work for Uber, then GoCatch would obviously lose business. The strategy definitely hurt GoCatch’s business, but did not put them out of business.

Uber claimed that the employee in Sydney who created this spyware did it under his own authority and that the company ordered him to stop once it found out. On top of that, a former senior employee said that this individual moved from Sydney to Singapore, where Uber and rival Grab were competing for the massive rideshare market in South-East Asia.

Uber’s intention to destroy competition around the globe should signal to regulators that this company is up to no good.


You Might Want To Change Your Password

Whoops! Instead of keeping all of Facebook’s passwords in an encrypted database, they were stored as plain-text files that more than 20,000 Facebook employees have had access to since 2012.

There’s no evidence any employees used the data of the 200-600 million passwords, but who doesn’t trust CEO Mark Zuckerberg and company? Let’s just hope you don’t use the same password for all of your logins.


Petition To Stop Brexit Crashes Website Multiple Times

British Prime Minister Theresa May is in power to pass Article 50 and execute Brexit. The odd timeline of this process has people—particularly in other countries, like the U.S—scratching their heads about what will be coming next. If May cannot leave the E.U., then she will be kicked out of Parliament along with Article 50.

A petition to get rid of Article 50 started online and gained so many signatures in such a short period of time that the government website crashed multiple times. The petition has garnered 3.5 million signatures in a few days and May quickly shot it down.


SEC To Hire 100 People At The Expense Of Employee Pay

After a hiring freeze, the Securities and Exchange Commission wants to acquire 100 new employees. At the expense of pay raises, the regulator wants to give the current employees more help by finding new hires. The SEC’s staff is paid more than most other government agencies, with an average salary at about $175k.

Union President for the SEC Greg Gilman claimed that reducing pay for most employees sends the message that the managers believe that the employees are being paid more than their worth. The union officials think that they want to make the pay similar to other government agencies.

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