Try not to be so Obvious and Oblivious with your Job Search

Try not to be so Obvious and Oblivious with your Job Search I know, it’s not easy coming up with creative excuses and running out to interviews.

Remember what your parents always told you; if you are going to do something, do it right.

You must put in the effort to throw your manager and coworkers off your trail as well as look and act your best to interview and successfully obtain the job.

Here are 17 handy-dandy tips:

1. You can only have so many doctor appointments, medical emergencies and deaths in the family. People aren’t stupid and catch on pretty quickly.

2, Woman, please don’t think that when you say “it is a female issue” that guys believe it. We are on to you that trick.

3. Don’t go from wearing chinos and a short sleeve polo shirt to Brooks Brothers suits overnight for an interview. Gracefully step-up the wardrobe enhancements so that people won’t notice the gradual change.

4. Guys, if you are not going to wear a suit at least wear grey pants and buttoned white oxford shirt, leave a blue blazer in the office, keep a tie in the inside jacket pocket and turn the casual into acceptable.

5. Leave enough time for the interview so that you are not obsessively looking at your watch and stressing out in the interview worried about returning to the office within a certain time frame.

6. Don’t schedule meetings at the office before the interview which will make you race out in a panic and arrive late and disheveled.

7. Print out your resumes at home so that you don’t inadvertently leave them lying about in the office printer for everyone to find.

8. Your work email is not private. It is checked by Compliance.

9. Constantly mysteriously closing your office door, always running into the conference room with your cell phone, going outside ten times a day to take recruiter calls are dead give-a-ways.

10, Update your wardrobe, hairstyle, glasses, brief case, shoes and accessories. Wearing your loud tie from ten years ago, too big old fashioned eyeglasses, eighties haircut and square toed shoes will not make you look like a modern, fresh top candidate. It screams that you have given up and let time pass you by.

11. Check your resume and then double check it again. Ensure you can speak to everything that is on the resume.

12. Send thank you emails to everyone.

13, Research the company before you go to the interview.

14. Have a positive attitude no matter how challenging the interview process. Nobody wants to hire an unhappy and miserable person.

15. No matter how much experience you have, you still need to sell yourself. Just because you have twenty years of on-target experience does not entitle you to simply walk in to an interview and expect to get offered the job. Pomposity and arrogance is a killer.

16. Be nice to everyone you meet including the secretaries and receptionists. You never know who has the power and final say in the hiring process.

17. Be yourself, unless you are a jerk then be someone else who is better.

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