Today is Columbus Day—if you’re even supposed to call it that

Today is Columbus Day. I don’t even know if I’m supposed to call it that. Should it be Indigenous Peoples Day? Am I expected to blast Columbus for coming to America and doing whatever stuff he’s accused of doing? What about Leif Erikson? My wife, who is part Norwegian, believes that Lief Erickson was really the first to “discover” America. I live with her, so of course, I have to agree with her.

The thing is I don’t know if we agree on anything anymore. Is Columbus a hero or villain? What’s crazy is that whatever you say or write, half the people will hate you—and with such a burning intensity. They’ll call you all sorts of nasty names and demand that you apologize. And that’s not enough! You need to be ostracized, banished from polite society and fired from your job. It’s kind of exhausting.

It feels that we’re collectively losing our minds. On Twitter, a video of President Trump shooting up an audience of reporters is trending. Elizabeth Warren lies on Facebook to supposedly prove a point, but also to garner support for her campaign. There are calls for impeaching Trump, but nothing seems to happen. How is it possible that Trump’s competitors in the race for the presidency are the same people who want to impeach him?

Behind the impeachment scandal is former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, who served on the board of directors for a shady Ukraine company. It seems the sons of other famous politicians also had similar lucrative positions. That’s par for the course for elites. Young Biden joined Burisma—said shady company— although he “had no prior experience in the gas industry.” Here’s the allegations about Hunter that we read about: the Navy discharged him in 2014 because he flunked a drug test a month after he was commissioned. Cops in Arizona found a crack pipe in a car he rented in 2016, which was after he secured the Burisma job. Oh, and Hunter married the wife of his brother after he died of brain cancer. I’m sure that Hunter is a great guy and would be awesome to hang around with, but he’s emblematic of the cronyism that exists among members of both political parties. This is what frustrates us all—there’s one set of rules for the rich and powerful and another for the rest of us.

So, what I’m doing is working toward making something good in this world. I’m busily working with my awesome team of professionals to build This is a social media site geared toward connecting job seekers with top-tier recruiters. It is my mission to make the job search experience much better for people—as opposed to the dehumanizing experience they currently have to endure, including filling out glitchy, annoying applications and getting ghosted. Job seekers can easily find and connect with top recruiters who will champion their cause and help them succeed in their job search.

I think we all have to do this—not the starting a business thing (unless you want to), but rather tuning out all of the noise and focus on something positive, life affirming and productive. It will make us a better society and push back on all of the craziness.

To cheer you up, here are some pictures of Justin Bieber falling off a unicycle.

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