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Memorial Day is a time to remember and honor our brave armed servicemen and women who gave their lives to protect our country.

Like many somber holidays, over time, it takes a somewhat different turn. Memorial Day has  become the unofficial start of the summer vacation season. It’s still a tribute to our fallen heroes, as we are able to enjoy the liberty and freedom to spend time with family and friends without fear. Not many countries have this luxury.

We’re also fortunate to have the unfettered liberty to pursue our dreams and ambitions. In addition to enjoying the time away from the office, we’d like to offer a selection of career advice articles to help you become the best that you can be in your own life and job.

You Don’t Need to Meet Every Qualification to Apply for a Job

Instead of looking for jobs that you are overqualified for, take a longshot and try to grow into the position.

The articles states that job seekers should treat job ads as a set of guidelines for the job, and not a strict list of requirements that you must have.

15 high-paying jobs for creative people

It pays to be creative. Take a look at the various jobs that you can earn a solid buck from:

Makeup artists, college art, drama and music teachers, web developers, editors, writers and authors, film and video editors, industrial designers, landscape architects, producers and directors, technical writers, multimedia artists and animators, fashion designers, art directors, architects, college english language and literature teachers,

The one strategy you need to get hired faster

Give yourself 90 days for your job search.

The first 30 days are for reassessing your passions and what your next move should be. Then you should update your LinkedIn because 70% of people get hired from a connection they already have.

The next two months should be a full-time job searching for a job: search 8 hours a day until you get one. But don’t stress if it takes longer than that timeframe.

Young or old, it’s a good time to get a job

Unemployment is at the lowest level in 50 years, ad that is good for college grads seeking employment.

On the other hand, employees 65 and older are still the fastest-growing segment of the workforce. 65-to-74-year-olds participation grew from 20 to 32% from 2002 to 2022, and for 75+, jumped 5 to 11% over the same period.

A Plan for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

With inequality rising, technology replacing human workers and old non-technical skills becoming unusable, the world needs to plan for how we will move our economy forward.

A retraining of workers across all industries to switch into technical roles is a bit overzealous, but this article offers a sneak peak into what that could look like but in a way more productive way.

Infosys paired with Purdue University and North Carolina State University to train students in 8-to-12 week programs to better learn cyber security and data analytics, instead of trying to seek workers from out of the country. It was a successful example of retraining for the future.

3 LinkedIn profile mistakes that can kill your chances of getting hired

1: Leaving out essential information; 2: Writing a bland summary; 3: Failing to let recruiters know you’re looking.

Your LinkedIn is an extension of your professionalism, so embrace it.

Why we don’t take our own career advice

Sometimes careers can be complex and you don’t have all of the answers. On the other hand, the advice you give yourself is usually correct, we just don’t act upon it. Here are some statistics to describe that trend:

76% believe they need a mentor; only 37% have found one.

27 million Americans wanted to work for themselves in a year, but only 2 million made that leap.

Last few notes: we don’t like to think about developing new skills that we will need in the future, we’re terrible at planning for the future and that all you need to do is start somewhere, but in small steps.

Can 10,000 hours of practice make you an expert?

10,000 hours of doing anything is a lot. The number refers to the magical timeframe that someone can completely master a task regardless of what it is.

This is both true and untrue.

There are many tasks in life that are more difficult than others. To say that putting in this amount of time is a bit ridiculous to plan for, but it can teach you a lesson about dedication. Whether it would take you 5 hours, 10,000 hours or 20,000 hours, if you want to follow through and complete a task — all you need is dedication.

Why ‘Learn To Code’ Is Lazy Career Advice

The ‘Learn To Code’ phrase caught many workers’ attentions considering that the news continues to talk about people losing jobs over a lack of technical skills.

This article explains that retraining yourself to develop coding skills might be the most frustrating process for the average person, and that it may not be worth the time.

Instead, the author suggests that you should focus more on developing skills that are relevant to your career path, as well as creating meaningful relationships with others.

Cannabis Companies Are Hiring And The Pay Is High

Jobs in cannabis are on the rise and the pay is high.

Jobs in this field include cultivation, product development, sales and marketing, accounting, logistics, manufacturing and retail.

CannabizTeam CEO (executive search firm) said the opportunities are endless.

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