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The Wall Street Executive is the next level of job search that integrates a high-end job board with relevant, actionable career advice and industry-specific news. You can now easily search for a job in New York, London, Singapore or anywhere else in the world, and also know what is happening in the job market within banking, finance, and Wall Street.

Over the course of 20-plus years of executive recruiting, we have received countless requests for a different kind of career-related information – no-nonsense truth about working and succeeding on Wall Street. This also includes banking, hedge funds, private equity, Fintech, asset management, and other entities within, and servicing the financial services industry.

We have discovered that to successfully find and keep a job on Wall Street, you must be  aware of what’s happening on the Street including trends, hot and not-so-hot areas, which firms are hiring, who is firing, which companies are relocating employees to other states or countries, the skills that are sought after, how to get them, will artificial intelligence or robots steal your job, where you should get your education, and advanced degrees.  Since you also need to acquire a well-rounded perspective so you can talk intelligently, we offer news involving how politics, media, public opinion, and culture that constantly shift and shape the environment and reality on Wall Street.

Getting ahead is not just about the job hunt—it’s a holistic way of life.  To succeed in today’s ultra fast-paced, constantly changing environment, you need to know what’s happening right now, where things are headed, and what you can do to make yourself stand out.

We provide the kind of facts, advice, uncensored opinions you won’t find anywhere else. We also provide lifestyle news including sports and restaurants—so you know where to take your boss to impress him or her, how you should entertain your client, and what you’re talking about when your colleague asks your opinion.

If you work on Wall Street, The Wall Street Executive is your quick guide to get all the info you need to know to build a broad and contextual understanding of the way Wall Street works.

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Jack Kelly

Publisher, CEO

The Wall Street Executive


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