The Ultra-Wealthy Bribed Elite Colleges For Access — Now They’re Buying Their Way Out Of Trouble With Big Time Lawyers

By Danny Van Brunt

Bribe Your Way Into School, Pay Your Way Out Of Jail

Getting caught bribing your children into an elite school is embarrassing. It is disgraceful to the parents, their family name as well as the reputation of the various elite schools.

We all know that the ultra-wealthy have access to opportunities we don’t have, for example, the ultra-wealthy can actually pay for their children’s ivy league college tuition on top of bribing the school. But now that these parents are finding the best lawyers that money can buy, there is no longer any sympathy left for the rich and famous that we have come to know and love.

Between Desperate Housewives and Full House, many people loved these shows and the actors on them only to realize that they couldn’t give a damn about anyone else but themselves. They should face their punishments respectfully, and let these colleges restore their image so we can have an even playing field with elite scholars graduating because they earned it, and not paid for it.


The report submitted by special counsel Robert Mueller was addressed today by Attorney General William Barr.

Political headlines are looking a bit schizophrenic, so here is the report without any partisanship:

The Mueller Report

Goldman Bonuses Drop 20%

Declines in revenue from underwriting initial public offerings, stock trading and investment management fees are all driving pay down for employees.

On top of that, the government shutdown, stock market volatility, US-China talks and Brexit negotiations also affected the bank’s earnings. Interestingly, CNN Business did not mention 1MDB as an issue.

Nine Banks Named In Trump Subpoena

Here are the banks that were sent a subpoena for information regarding President Donald Trump and the Russian money laundering scandal:

  1. JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  2. Citigroup Inc.
  3. Morgan Stanley
  4. Bank of America Corp.
  5. Wells Fargo & Co.
  6. Capital One Financial Corp.
  7. Deutsche Bank AG
  8. Royal Bank of Canada
  9. Toronto Dominion Bank.

$2,000 Smartphone Breaks For Many

The brand new android smartphone, that costs $2,000 and has a foldable screen, broke for each news outlet that received one to review it. The product until the reviews from CNBC, The Verge and Bloomberg has been commended on its innovative features. Quartz is waiting to release its review:

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is breaking before it’s even out

Hulu & Netflix Hit With Subpoenas Over Fyre Festival Documentaries

Now that more than 20 million people have watch the documentary about the Fyre Festival so far, Hulu and Netflix face subpoenas over whether they paid for the behind-the-scenes footage or not.

The Fyre Festival was supposed to be a two-week music festival in the Bahamas that promised a lot and delivered slim to none. Music acts were cancelled, luxury accommodations weren’t provided and five-star catering replaced with cheese sandwiches.

Billy McFarland, coordinator of the festival, is now facing a six-year sentence for financial fraud.

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