How do I select a Recruiter to help me in my job search?

By Jack J. Kelly

Did you embark upon a job search over the summer and found it to be veeeeeery sloooooow?  Now that we are in the fall season, are you hoping that things pick-up?  You probably either joined LinkedIn or updated your existing profile, connected with human resource professionals, colleagues, and other people who could be of assistance with the search and nothing happened.  It feels that you surfed LinkedIn from beginning to the end.  Countless hours were spent laboring through thousands of job postings on Monster,, CareerBuilder and other niche job sites.  Resumes have been emailed directly to dozens of firms which all seem to have disappeared into the internet black hole void.  Friends and coworkers have provided dead end referrals and introductions.  Are you now ready to seek the assistance of a professional Executive Recruiter to help you in the search process?

The problem is that you don’t know any Recruiters personally; all your other jobs were found on your own or through acquaintances.  What should you look for in a recruiter?  How could you find the right Recruiter?  Here is a quick and simple checklist to help you search for and find the best, most appropriate Recruiter:

  • Ask friends, colleagues, and coworkers who they recommend?
  • Who is successful in your area?  Seek them out and ask who helped them find their position.
  • Is the recruiter an expert in your field of specialization?
  • Is the recruiter well known and respected in the industry?
  • How long has that person been in the recruiting field?
  • Does this recruiter flit from hot job area to another without any allegiance to one space?
  • Does the recruiter move from firm to firm? Check out their online presence.
  • Visit their LinkedIn profile.
  • How many connections do they have?
  • How many endorsements do they have?
  • Are they connected to hiring managers and in-house corporate recruiters in your field?
  • Do they have a website? How many jobs do they have in your area of expertise?
  • Are the recruiter’s jobs at your salary and title level?
  • Does the recruiter have a blog? Is she knowledgeable about the industry she serves?
  • Does the recruiter have a social media presence? Does he appear smart, successful, personable and approachable?
  • Submit a resume to the recruiter and request a meeting.
  • Is the recruiter interested in speaking and meeting with you?
  • In the meeting, is he sincerely interested in building a long-term relationship, or only looking for a quick placement?
  • Does she listen to your needs, goals and desires?
  • Does she try to force you into roles that you are not interested in?
  • Does the recruiter have his pulse on the job market?
  • Is there support help for the recruiter or is it a one person show? – How is the office, does it reflect success and confidence?
  • Do you feel comfortable, and trust the person?

There are many additional questions of course; however, this should provide you with a working framework of what to look for in finding the right recruiter to find you the perfect job.

Good luck in your search!

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