SEC Employees Used Government Computers For Music Downloads And More

In another story that does little to inspire confidence in the regulatory agency, employees of the Securities and Exchange Commission reportedly used government-issued computers for personal activities.

While the story is nowhere near as damning as the pornography scandal of 2011(?), the fact that it follows on that story is highly disappointing, to say the least. We’re all human, and anyone can make a mistake once. But when you make the same mistake twice, it shows that you haven’t really learned your lesson or even made any attempt to improve yourself.

When will SEC employees learn the difference between work computers and personal computers? Is it really that confusing?

The story follows on last week’s news that the SEC took unencrypted computers containing highly sensitive information to a hacking conference. All was revealed in SEC Interim Inspector General Jon Rymer’s 43-page report.

According to the report, the SEC’s Trading and Markets division spent $1 million on unnecessary technology, mislead the SEC about the need for Apple products, and took iPads and laptops home to download music and surf the Web.

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Beth Connolly is Editor-in-Chief of the Wall Street Job Report and the Compliance Exchange. She blogs creatively at When Nutmeg Met Basil. Connect with her on LinkedIn , Twitter, and About.Me.

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Beth Connolly is Head Editor, Writer, and Marketing Coordinator at the Compliance Exchange and the Wall Street Job Report. She tweets @Bethconnolly and shares her love of the good writing life at her blog, When Nutmeg Met Basil. A graduate of Middlebury College in Vermont, she works in Manhattan and calls Astoria home.

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