But none of this appears to have distracted or impacted Mercer’s business. Renaissance Technologies, which was founded by its billionaire chairman James Simons in 1982, has seen its assets under management swell amid strong performance and investor inflows.

Renaissance Technologies now oversees $45 billion, a stunning jump from $27 billion at the start of 2016. Renaissance, which was a $36 billion hedge fund firm before it hit some problems in 2007, is now bigger than ever and tied as the nation’s second biggest hedge fund firm.

Renaissance’s funds that still include outside investor capital keep posting solid returns. Renaissance Institutional Equities fund, the firm’s biggest hedge fund, is up 6% net of fees in 2017 after surging by 21.5% in 2016. Renaissance Institutional Diversified Alpha, another large fund, has returned 7.5% in 2017 after posting gains of 10.7% last year. The smaller Renaissance Institutional Diversified Global Equities fund is up 8% in 2017.

Source: Forbes