Is your Relationship with your Job Starting to Sour? Here is a simple test to see if you should Break-up with your Job

By Jack J. Kelly

A job is similar to a relationship.  Sometimes it seems like you met the perfect person but as time drags-on, the thrill dissipates.  Other times you slowly simmer and grow to hate your partner.  Of course, certain special relationships last forever.  This article is for the employee in a relationship with a job where the love is starting to sour.

This is for the person who does not yet feel the anger but has the inner spidey sense that the relationship with your job is starting to sour and you are falling out of love and into an unhappy rut.

Please allow me to help you figure out if you’re heading into trouble.  It’s better to catch yourself before you crash.  Here are some basic questions to ask yourself.  Be honest, if you answer yes to most of them then you are in a bad relationship, and maybe you need to move on and find a new job that appreciates you.

  1. Are you finding it increasingly hard to gather the incredible herculean strength to get out of bed each morning?


  1. Once you finally drag yourself into the office at 9:15, is there anything to get jazzed or excited about?


  1. Is your health failing? Taking more sick days?


  1. Do you think fondly about your old job and colleagues?


  1. Do you get jealous when someone else talks excitedly about their job?


  1. When you boss talks to you, does he or she sound like the teacher character in the Charlie Brown cartoon?


  1. Do you lack purpose and direction?


  1. Do you feel unfulfilled and unloved?


  1. Do you feel stuck in the relationship?


  1. Do you feel that no one else would hire you?


  1. Do you cringe when you have to be alone in meetings with your boss?   
  2. Do you fantasize about throwing your annoying coworker who talks too loudly on the phone, slurps coffee, and always borrows money from you and never repays, out the window?


  1. Are you embarrassed that you daydream about what you will eat for lunch?


  1. Do you literally watch the countdown clock tick to 5:00?


  1. Does your firm take you for granted?


  1. Do you spend more time surfing the internet than working?


  1. Do you spend more time thinking about your breakfast and lunch plans than your real work?


  1. Do you cry at your desk and quickly hide the fact and pretend is was cries of laughter?


  1. Are you nodding in agreement to all of the above?

If you answered yes to some, most, or all of these questions then it is time to break-up with your job. You deserve better. There a lot of other great jobs out there that would be happy to have you.

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