Looking for a New Job is Hard Work but this 28 Question test makes the Decision so Easy

By Jack J. Kelly

Looking for a new job is hard work.  The process is painfully long and filled with stress, anxiety, bruised egos, disappointment, fear and rejection, (as a recruiter, I must be out of my mind writing this pessimistic stuff or maybe just a little too honest).

So, with this in mind, before you embark upon a search, you must be absolutely, positively, without a shadow of a doubt, sure that it is indeed time to move on to a new job, or pursue a new career trajectory.

To help you decide if you have had enough at your current job, and it’s time to move, I have put together a quick 28 point checklist.

Don’t worry it’s not a real test, and you won’t have to study for it.  The only thing I ask is that you should be honest with yourself.  Please read and answer the questions to help determine if you are in the right job or not.

1    How motivated are you to go to work every day?

2    Do you have a hard time getting up in the morning?

3    Are you coming into the office later, taking longer lunches, and leaving earlier?

4    Do you have any passion left in you, concerning the job?

5    Is the work challenging and compelling?

6    Are you still learning and growing?

7    Do you enjoy working with the people in your group?

8    Do you align with the values at your company?

9    Is your job making you physically ill or causing serious emotional distress?

10  Can you afford to quit your job?

11  Are you complaining about your job too much, and driving everyone you know crazy?

12  Is there room to advance in your job, if you gave it another chance?

13  What are your prospects for finding a new job?

14  Does your job interfere with your personal life or family responsibilities?

15  Is your daily commute running you down?

16  Have you been the victim of verbal abuse or sexual harassment?

17  Do you dread Sunday and feel sick to your stomach on Sunday night?

18  Is your work performance suffering?

19  Do you have a work life balance?

20  How was your last performance review?

21  When was the last time you received a raise?

22  Are you being paid fairly?

23  Does you manager give you credit for your work, or does he steal the spotlight?

24  Have you outgrown your job?

25  Are you being groomed for bigger and better jobs internally?

26  Have people at work left and not been replaced?

27  Are they dumping the work of the departed employees onto your desk?

28  Do you see any lights at the end of the tunnel, or is there only an oncoming train?

These questions are just a starting point, but I think you get the message. The questions are designed to help you carefully deliberate about whether it makes sense to remain where you are, or start considering other alternatives.  Please feel free to add questions to make sure that you are making the right decision.

If you do add interesting questions to the list, please pass them along to me for future articles.  It’s not easy coming up with new ideas every day.  Also, 28 is a stupid number for a checklist. 30 or even 50 questions look much better.  With 28 it looks like I just phoned in this article.

Also, you are welcome to reach out to me directly if you would like a sounding board to assist you with your thought process. I can be reached at 212.997.3166 and Jack@ComplianceSearch.com.

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