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Man in White Dress Shirt Sitting on Black Rolling Chair While Facing Black Computer Set and SmilingA job description is a written overview, pieced together like Frankenstein and created by way too many people in a large, bureaucratic corporation. The hiring manager may attempt to write it from scratch or dredge up an older version drafted years ago—when the departing employee first started.  It is then offered to their manager for review, edits and comments. Then, the marked-up draft is passed up the chain of command to senior executives who have no clue about what the person who fills the role actually does, since they are so far removed from this level. After the initial round of edits and revisions, a human resources professional will weigh in with their thoughts and opinions to ensure that there is no offensive or discriminatory language. If it is shown to an attorney, then the legal jargon and disclaimers will be added. By the time the job description goes through all these channels, it will most likely morph into something completely different than what the hiring manager initially drafted at the start of it all.

The job description has been written the same way for decades.  Since corporations are conservative—with respect to hiring, there will almost never be any life, levity or brutal truthfulness.  You will not find any creativity or excitement in this bland document. Somehow companies can take the most exciting job imaginable and make it sound dreadful. They are dull, boring and lifeless.

Source: Forbes

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