Here’s Why New Job Titles Are the Best Way to Motivate Your Employees

Although it may seem insignificant when you’re running your own company, for employees, being given a job title that accurately reflects their experience and the work that they do can be highly encouraging in the workplace. Even if you aren’t able to offer a large raise in pay with each promotion, employees feel appreciated when the boss is paying close enough attention to what they do. This means adjusting their title as their responsibilities change.

I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve come across job postings for an entry-level administrative assistant, only to read the description and find that what they’re actually looking for is a social media manager, event planner, digital marketer, and office administrator all in one. Why do so many people use job titles that are misleading? Often, it’s because they don’t have the budget to hire on an experienced professional, and they’re hoping to recruit a recent graduate for the fraction of the price.

This plan inevitably backfires in one of two ways. A qualified candidate will resent being offered an entry-level salary and will either skip applying altogether, or burn themselves out from working too hard for not enough of a return. Alternatively, applicants who actually fit the entry-level job title will soon find that the expectations are more than they can handle.

Before you get caught in this trap, try using some of these helpful tips to ensure that your employees feel respected and valued.

Get specific.

When you go to create a new job title, rather than using a blanket term we’ve all heard a hundred times before, take a close look at what your employee will actually be doing for the company. You may have a number of people working in admin, but do they all do exactly the same job? 

Source: Inc.

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