DON’T Ever Make These Mistakes in a Wall Street Interview

Think you’ve messed up an interview? It’s unlikely you’ve made mistakes as bad as those listed in Business Insider’s slideshow, Interview Nightmare Stories.

Some highlights:

#8: One college student landed an interview for Goldman Sachs’ Private Equity Group in Tokyo because of his Japanese language abilities. In reality, he knew nothing about finance. When the interviewer switched to Japanese and asked the prospective employee about finance, he reasoned that he didn’t know those terms in Japanese. When they switched back to English, he still couldn’t explain why a company would want to use debt over equity!

#5: This Rice student decided she didn’t want to go into investment banking the day before her interview with Jefferies and just didn’t show up. Jefferies told Rice’s career center (CSPD), which may have gotten the student into trouble with her other prospective interviewers, judging by the long-winded e-mail she sent back to Jefferies that ended with:

Although I probably won’t venture into the i-banking field anytime soon, there may come a time when I’d like to make use of the CSPD’s on campus interview services – maybe to land a nice teaching or government job. I’d really appreciate it if you would email them back for me to let them know that I have expressed to you my sincere remorse for the whole situation.

#4: A business school professor told Business Insider that when he interviewed with Goldman Sachs in his younger days, he was so nervous that he told the interviewer Hawaii was very “erotic” instead of “exotic” when asked about his time living on the tropical islands.

When the interviewer stopped the interview and asked him to repeat the answer, he said “erotic” again. Nowadays, the professor tells the story in good humor, even joking that investors would much prefer “erotic bonds” over “exotic bonds.”

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