Recruiting Secrets: Is Your Family Onboard With your Decision to Pursue a New Job?

Before you even embark upon looking for a new job, you want to make sure your spouse and family are on board with your decision. I would strongly suggest bringing your family into the loop of what you are doing. The roles and requirements of jobs are quite consuming so you need the support of your family to enable you to achieve what you want to achieve. It may involve working extra hours, working on weekends, and travel. So you don’t want to go forward with it if you feel as though you are going in it alone.

It’s not 1950. The vast majority of families have two people who are working demanding jobs. They have to think about child care and other serious issues to contend with. Are they willing to do what it takes on their side to help you do what you are looking to do which then frees you up to achieve that goal. Otherwise, it gets very messy and uncomfortable as you get pulled in a million different directions. You want to get the house in order before you move forward so you can prevent damage on the homefront.

No one wants to admit that they can’t make a decision without consulting (especially old school people who do what they want to do no matter what). Not everyone is very collaborative. I’ve seen over and over again people who don’t get their dream jobs because they weren’t managing the expectations of their family or they do get the job but it puts a big toll on their relationships.

I strongly suggest, from seeing this over the years, to be clear from the beginning to your significant other and family members about what you want to achieve and what it is going to take to get there. From the beginning, set the stage so that you can interview with a clear head and with the confidence that you have everybody on your side.

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