Here is a Columbus Day take-away we can all Agree with

By Jack J. Kelly

You may not be reading this as most people seem to be out of the office today for the Christopher Columbus Day long weekend.  It seems like I am one of the few people at work today, and it’s kind of lonely.

I recognize that Columbus Day, similar to many other events today, has been politicized and become the subject of controversy.  For the sake of this article, I would like to advance a positive and hopeful idea to take away from Columbus. Could we please, for just one small moment, focus on something positive related to his trips to the “New World”?

There is one important aspect that we could all agree with; it must have been pretty brave in light of the time period to sail from Europe into the great unknown.  In all honesty, I wouldn’t even drive very far without my car’s satellite navigation system, let alone sail a huge ocean filled with creatures that could literally kill and eat you, deal with potential storms and hurricanes that would demolish your ship, and spend months at a time, cooped-up in tight quarters with a bunch of foul smelling guys. I’m also pretty certain that the Santa Maria, Nina and Pinta did not have a Starbucks aboard, nor could they order supplies from Amazon, binge watch Netflix, or watch professional and college football and basketball.  That had to be a living hell.

The sense of bold adventure in the face of danger, and ability to overcome the unknown and adversity to reach a desired goal is a great message for us all.

This pertains your life and career.  Maybe it is time to take a chance with something exciting and embark upon your own personal voyage; whether it is to go after a new job, return to school for a degree you always wanted, switch careers for something meaningful, start a side business, get married, or move to a new city or country.  To me, that is a great takeaway message.  It is too easy to get complacent and sedentary, and it’s nice to be reminded to take a new exhilarating risk which could change your life, and perhaps our world.


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