It Looks Like The Biggest Winners Of The Reddit, GameStop Day Trading Frenzy May Be Two Middle-Aged, Mild-Mannered Canadian Hedge Fund Guys

By Jack Kelly We’ll soon see the movie about the recent “story stocks” alleged market manipulating, pump-and-dump saga. The main narrative about the Reddit day trading phenomenon will likely focus on the young, wild, foul-mouthed, silly dudes hyping “meme stonks.” The short-selling hedge funds ...Read More

Janet Yellen, The New Treasury Secretary, Called For A Meeting Of Top Regulatory Agencies To Discuss Recent Allegations Of Market Manipulations And Pump-and-Dump Schemes

By Jack Kelly The chaos in the stock market, caused by the battle between young, aggressive, novice day traders and experienced, wealthy hedge fund professionals, along with fast-growing trading app Robinhood abruptly denying or limiting the purchase of certain stocks, has lit a fire ...Read More

Regulator May Look Into cRaZy Day Trading Activities Making Millions For Young Traders And Hurting Big-Money Hedge Funds

I previously wrote “Freewheeling Millennials And Gen-Zers Are Starting A New Side-Hustle Career— Aggressively Trading Stocks Online, Minting Money And Showing Up The Wall Street Pros.” Millennials and Gen-Zers are finding a new career—trading stocks online. One of the quirky results of millions of ...Read More