Insider-Trading Cases Will Pile Up for Years

By Charlie Gasparino Federal law enforcement officials say they have at least five years worth of insider-trading cases in the pipeline, a tally that could lead to hundreds of additional arrests in what’s already the largest probe of its kind, the FOX Business Network ...Read More

A Hedge Fund Manager With Connections To Galleon Has Been Charged With Insider Trading

By Julia La Roche The FBI and SEC filed criminal and civil charges, respectively, against a California hedge fund manager and his firm for allegedly trading on nonpublic information obtained from a Galleon hedge fund employee. Whitman Capital’s head portfolio manager Douglas Whitman surrendered to Federal authorities ...Read More

Hedge Fund Manager Releases Sex Tape And Sues Beauty Queen For Kidnap And Torture

By Julia La Roche A hedge fund manager claims he was kidnapped and assaulted for eight hours by former Miss Korea 1995 and her family, the AllKpop site reported. The hedge-fund manager, Chris Hsu, the CEO and founder of Hong Kong-based Kilometre Capital, is suing Han Sung-Ju, a ...Read More

A Tip For Would Be White-Collar Criminals Weighing Consequences Of Playing It Fast And Loose: “Prison Is Amazing”

By Bess Levin As you may have heard, not too long ago, the government decided to crank up the heat on alleged insider traders, devoting considerable resources to nailing these guys and girls to the wall. Phone lines have been tapped, friendships destroyed. Last ...Read More

Gupta Faces New Charges in Insider Trading Case

By Peter Lattman Federal prosecutors expanded their case against Rajat K. Gupta on Tuesday, filing a new indictment that broadens what they claim was an insider trading conspiracy between the former director of Goldman Sachs and Raj Rajaratnam. In a new charge, the government contends that ...Read More