The Securities And Exchange Commission, U.S. Justice Department, Commodity and Futures Trading Commission, House Financial Services Committee And Deputy Droopy Dog Are All Investigating The Reddit Day Traders

Things are starting to get real with the WallStreetBets Reddit day traders and hedge fund short sellers. The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that “Federal prosecutors and regulators are investigating whether market manipulation or other types of misconduct fueled the rapid rise last month ...Read More

The Heartbreaking Story Of Alex Kearns, A Young College Student Who Thought He Lost $700k On Robinhood And Killed Himself

Robinhood, the fast-growing trading app, has been the center of attention lately due to the media-hyped battle between young, novice, aggressive traders and experienced short-selling hedge funds. The trading platform was lambasted for prohibiting Reddit-driven investors from buying certain “meme stonks” that were the ...Read More

Biden’s Lead Picks For The Securities And Exchange Commission And The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Show He’s Making Compliance And Regulations Great Again

(Photo By Wikimedia Commons) One of the first things President Donald Trump did when he took office was to sign an executive order requiring that for every new federal regulation implemented, two must be rescinded. “If you have a regulation you want, No. 1, ...Read More

The Young, Smart, Scrappy Reddit Traders Who Were Winning, Were Just F@%ked Over By The Short Selling Hedge Funds And Their Cronies

By Jack Kelly The media loves to label people. Instead of calling someone an “investor,” they’re a Reddit or Robinhood “day trader.” The insinuation is it’s some kid smoking weed on the coach, willy-nilly.  buying stocks without any rationale. The Wallstreetbets subreddit on Reddit ...Read More