Senator Elizabeth Warren Told The Securities and Exchange Commission To Look Into Possible Corporate Executives Engaged In Insider Trading

By Jack Kelly   Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren is concerned over how some corporations may game the system to enrich their executives.    Warren sent a letter to the Securities & Exchange Commission asking for the regulatory agency to review the manner in which ...Read More

The Securities and Exchange Commission Is Empowering Their Enforcement Staff To Take Immediate Swift Actions To Combat Emerging Potential Problems

By Jack Kelly Former President Trump isn’t a fan of regulations.* During his campaign for the Presidency in 2016, Trump was clear in promising a clampdown on regulations, saying for every one newly proposed rule two regulations would have to be ripped-up.  He believed ...Read More

Facebook Hires Its First Chief Compliance Officer To Deal With Angry Lawmakers, Regulatory Pressures, Privacy Concerns And Antitrust Lawsuits

In the face of intensive public, political and regulatory pressure concerning its business practices, Facebook has hired its first chief compliance officer, Henry Moniz. The Wall Street Journal reported that Moniz will report into Facebook’s general counsel, Jennifer Newstead, and to a board committee ...Read More

Regulator May Look Into cRaZy Day Trading Activities Making Millions For Young Traders And Hurting Big-Money Hedge Funds

I previously wrote “Freewheeling Millennials And Gen-Zers Are Starting A New Side-Hustle Career— Aggressively Trading Stocks Online, Minting Money And Showing Up The Wall Street Pros.” Millennials and Gen-Zers are finding a new career—trading stocks online. One of the quirky results of millions of ...Read More