It Looks Like The Biggest Winners Of The Reddit, GameStop Day Trading Frenzy May Be Two Middle-Aged, Mild-Mannered Canadian Hedge Fund Guys

By Jack Kelly We’ll soon see the movie about the recent “story stocks” alleged market manipulating, pump-and-dump saga. The main narrative about the Reddit day trading phenomenon will likely focus on the young, wild, foul-mouthed, silly dudes hyping “meme stonks.” The short-selling hedge funds ...Read More

The Securities And Exchange Commission May Look Into Possible Market Manipulation Made By Reddit Day Traders Instead Of The Short-Selling Hedge Funds

By Jack Kelly It’s telling that regulators aren’t asking why high-end hedge funds were allowed to target vulnerable corporations, such as GameStop, in an alleged short-selling scheme to drive their victims into bankruptcy. As the stock price of their prey goes to nearly zero, ...Read More

The Young, Smart, Scrappy Reddit Traders Who Were Winning, Were Just F@%ked Over By The Short Selling Hedge Funds And Their Cronies

By Jack Kelly The media loves to label people. Instead of calling someone an “investor,” they’re a Reddit or Robinhood “day trader.” The insinuation is it’s some kid smoking weed on the coach, willy-nilly.  buying stocks without any rationale. The Wallstreetbets subreddit on Reddit ...Read More