Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren

Warren calls for Amazon breakup

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is calling for the breakup of Amazon after Reuters reported that the online retail giant created knock-off products and manipulated product searches in India. In response to the report, Warren tweeted that the documents at the heart of the news service’s article “show what we feared about Amazon’s monopoly power—that the company ...Read More

Elizabeth Warren presses Janet Yellen, regulators to address ‘growing threats’ in crypto market

Sen. Elizabeth Warren urged Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Tuesday to identify and remedy risks posed by cryptocurrencies and to craft a “comprehensive and coordinated” framework through which federal agencies can continually regulate virtual coins. Warren, a member of the Senate Banking Committee and a longtime critic of ...Read More

Elizabeth Warren tears into the ‘star of the overdraft show’ JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon for taking $1.5billion in customer fees during the pandemic

Sen. Elizabeth Warren went after JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon at a Senate hearing Wednesday, nicknaming him the ‘star of the overdraft show’ after the bank took $1.46 billion in fees during the coronavirus pandemic. The Massachusetts Democrat instructed Dimon and other bank CEOs at a Senate Banking Committee hearing to ‘raise your hand’ ...Read More