Amazon Promises Not To Fully Automate Its Warehouses

By Dan Van Brunt

Across all companies, jobs and industries, Amazon seems to be at the forefront of replacing humans with robots to optimize the arduous process of delivering items across the world at unimaginable speeds.

However, Amazon oddly noted that they will not eliminate all of their warehouse jobs… soon. The current limitations of technology and the superior cognitive ability of humans are the two factors that Amazon claims is stopping them from complete automation.

Amazon does employ a fair amount of people, but at what cost? These warehouses are known for having poor conditions, unrealistic goals like packing 100 boxes in an hour and swiftly firing people over productivity issues, plus simply replacing them as if others are waiting on line for their job. Is this the one area that people may be better off if automated?

Update WhatsApp Or Else

Facebook-owned WhatsApp warned users to quickly update their apps because the app was vulnerable to hackers.

Israel’s secretive NSO group developed hacking technology that can be installed onto a user’s phone without trace of their group, just by calling someone’s phone. The user didn’t even have to answer the call, and the hackers could access a phone’s camera and mic, scan emails and messages, and collect location data.

WhatsApp has 1.5 billion users worldwide.

Rock Bottom For Nissan

Former CEO Carlos Ghosn has dragged Nissan down to rock bottom. He has been on house arrest in Japan for charges of financial misconduct, allegations that he understated his income for years and abused his position by transferring personal investment losses to Nissan.

Their profits dropped 45%, which Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa called ‘rock bottom’ when presenting their earnings. Ghosn’s alliance between Nissan, Mitsubishi Motors and Renault was destroyed after his arrest, and now Renault chairman Jean-Dominique Senard is already considering a merger with Nissan.

Ghosn claims the whole thing is a conspiracy by backstabbing Nissan executives.

Bayer Buys Monsanto; Acquires Weedkiller Roundup Cancer Victims

Just a year ago, Bayer bought Monsanto and they could never have imagined the amount of people who would sue them over the cancer-causing substance glyphosate in the weedkiller called Roundup.

The first case settled in court awarded the plaintiffs $2 billion, and that has set the stage for 13,400 other plaintiffs. Predictions say payouts could reach as much as $14.6 billion.

Bayer’s shares have fallen 45% in the past year over this issue.

Do You Accept Bitcoin?

There are many new places accepting cryptocurrency as payment, and you can just feel the excitement in this picture when the Winklevoss twins visited Starbucks:

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