3 Career Strategies For 2013

Pinned ImageIf improving your career is on your list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2013, read on. Here are our top 3 strategies for career success in the new year.

1. Market yourself on Twitter. Without being pushy or overly promotional, Twitter is the perfect place to let the world know who you are and what you can do. It’s also a great resource for researching companies of interest and interacting with influential people in your industry.

2. Connect to new opportunities on LinkedIn. More than any other social media platform in 2012, LinkedIn underwent fundamental changes that increased its functionality for job seekers. In addition to filling out your profile properly, researching potential employers, connecting with networking contacts, and applying for jobs posted on the site, now you can also follow thought leaders on LinkedIn and comment on their posts. LinkedIn is also a great spot to share content you’ve written or connect to a new business contact by sending a brief introductory note or compliment on that person’s recent activity.

3. Share your expertise. Get recognized in the cybersphere by contributing something of value to your space. Figure out what you are knowledgeable on and see if you can’t write three to five hundred words on the topic that are relevant (and timely). Tie in a current news story if you can. Run the copy by a confident writer. Then send it to a blog editor in your space. Make sure the story runs with a byline including your e-mail, LinkedIn account, and Twitter handle. Then share the story across your platforms and see what happens.

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Beth Connolly is Editor-in-Chief of the Wall Street Job Report and the Compliance Exchange. She blogs creatively at When Nutmeg Met Basil. Connect with her on LinkedIn , Twitter, and About.Me.

About Beth Connolly

Beth Connolly is Head Editor, Writer, and Marketing Coordinator at the Compliance Exchange and the Wall Street Job Report. She tweets @Bethconnolly and shares her love of the good writing life at her blog, When Nutmeg Met Basil. A graduate of Middlebury College in Vermont, she works in Manhattan and calls Astoria home.

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