25 sample Questions to help you with the “What question should I ask if the interviewer asks if I have any questions? “Question

A question that is particularly worrisome and troubling for candidates interviewing for a job is the “what  question(s) should I ask if the interviewer asks if I have any questions?”

As anyone who has been on an interview knows, the employer, at times, usually while wrapping-up the interview,  inquires “so, do you have any questions for me?”

This seems harmless enough; a simple open-ended, general, softball inquiry after finishing with grueling, intrusive, difficult, probing job-specific questions.

For some reason this issue seems to deeply bother candidates.  It is so troubling to some that the candidates can’t focus and actively participate and engage in the interview process as they are too busy worried about what questions to ask.

To help with this predicament, here are  25 just-in-case,  fallback questions to alleviate your worries.

  1. Who  would be the ideal candidate for this position?
  2. How do I compare with other candidates that you have met with?
  3. What type of backgrounds did the other candidates have that previously interviewed for this position?
  4. Was someone in this position previously or is it a new role?
  5. If the employee left, could you please tell me why the person left your firm?
  6. What are your expectations for me in this role?
  7. Do you provide any training, mentoring or guidance?
  8. Will you offer feedback either positive or negative so that I may improve?
  9. Are there growth opportunities within the company?
  10. Do you enjoy working here?
  11. What made you decide to work here?
  12. What did you do before this?
  13. What is the typical day like, if there is a typical day in this job?
  14. Do you have certain measurements or expectations so that I could judge my performance?
  15. Why would I need to do to succeed in this role?
  16. How could I make your job easier and help you?
  17. What is the corporate culture like?
  18. Who else will be involved in the interview process?
  19. Can you offer an interview timeline?
  20. Do you know how many people I may meet with?
  21. Will I be able to interview with peers, support staff, other business people that I will interact with, executives, human resources?
  22. How long will the interview process take?
  23. How do you compare to your competitors?
  24. I noticed some articles about the firm in the news, how are you dealing with the current matters?
  25. Are there any questions I should ask but did not?

Please note, these are just a sampling to help get you started.

Also, the above questions may read cold and direct. Feel free to embellish upon them, add a human touch and view them as a starting point to cultivate your own questions.

I hope this helps, best of luck interviewing.

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