23 Things to do to become Highly Successful

By Jack J. Kelly

Becoming successful is not easy. If it was easy, everyone would be successful. As you may have noticed, most people fall somewhat short of success. We refer to the top one percent for a reason. They are the very few who have achieved a high-level of monetary success. Of course, not everything is measured by money (but it doesn’t hurt to have some or a lot of it).  Success is also achieved by reaching a goal, such as finding a great new job, starting, and building a business, or any other endeavor that it is important to you.

Here are 23 things to do to help you achieve success:

  1. Turn off the television and read about your industry to become an expert
  2. Set goals, write them down, and work toward achieving them everyday
  3. Don’t neglect your physical, mental, and emotional health in your journey towards success
  4. Don’t allow fear to take over. Even if you are afraid, still keep moving forward
  5. Put down the phone – yes, I know it is like giving up heroin – but put it down anyway
  6. Cast aside your ego, be humble, and learn from whomever you can
  7. Never stop, never quit, and never give up
  8. Surround yourself with positive, upbeat, enthusiastic people
  9. Cut down on the time you spend with those who bring you down (I recognize that it is not possible to cut some people out of your life completely)
  10. Always keep your eyes and ears open to learn about the next great opportunity
  11. If you are not detail-oriented or organized (I’m horrible at it), find someone who possesses the skills you lack
  12. As hard as you work, try to maintain some sort of balance
  13. Keep things in perspective. Don’t go crazy over the small stuff and appreciate all the good things
  14. Focus on only one or two things that you excel at
  15. Don’t get distracted by chasing everything and end up accomplishing nothing
  16. Environments change and you need to be flexible and adapt
  17. Eat the frog first – do the worst task of day first to get it out of the way
  18. To succeed you can’t take the whole weekend off
  19. Sunday nights are for proactive planning and not watching football or Game of Thrones
  20. Seek advice from people at all levels from CEOs to mailroom personnel
  21. Take some time to decompress
  22. Go to the gym, ride a bike, or take-up Yoga to stay physically fit
  23. Spend quality time with family and friends; it is too easy to lose them in pursuit of your goals

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