10 Signs that you Work for a Psychopath

Jack J. Kelly

Working for a difficult (I am being very diplomatic with this term as candidates tend to use more colorful terms for their managers) boss is one of the top reasons that compel a person to search for a new job.

It is a great experience to have a nurturing, mentoring, supportive, and positive role model for a manager. However, if you are stuck with a challenging manager it could make your life miserable and eventually push you out the door even if you enjoy the job and the company.

If you think it is just happening to you, it’s not, you are not alone. I have heard countless stories of abusive bosses. Here are just some of the types of managers that kill motivation, creativity, work productivity, and drive people crazy and out the door:

The yeller and screamer. Managers that are out of control and constantly yell and scream at you and your colleagues.  His face gets red, body shakes and screams at you in front of your colleagues, executives and other employees.

Credit hog. You work on a project for weeks including nights and weekends. The finished product is submitted to your manager. During the key meeting, your boss gives the presentation as if it was his idea and work product without giving any credit to you. What’s worse, he pretends that you weren’t even involved and prepared.

Micro Manager. Where you sit, when you take your lunch, how you speak, when you arrive at the office, what time you leave work at night, and how you do every aspect of your job is critiqued, criticized and corrected. What’s funny is that after the tenth time he re-edits your work, you hand back his own work but it is still not right and needs to be done over again.

Sorry, there are no bonuses.  The official word from your manager is, “according to top management there are no raises or bonuses this year”. Mysteriously, you later find out that she received a raise and bigger bonus than last year.

Bi-Polar. In the morning your boss is nice, sweet and caring.  One small event then turns him into an hysterical yelling monster.

Me, me, me.  She knows everything about everything and will make sure that you and everyone else knows this. Her job, her life, her work, her relationships are the only things that matter. She will spend hours complaining about how difficult it is to be her. Beware; if you accidentally tell her that you broke both your legs and need to leave early to go to a doctor she will rip your head off for bringing up personal matters during working hours.

Divide and conquer. She creates dissent and animosity between coworkers, pitting them against each other for any morsel of credit, raise or promotion.

Teachers pet.  There is always one person on the team who is a complete f*up but knows how to butter up the boss to get on his good side.  The person is his eyes and ears, and will report that you took an extra two minutes in the bathroom.

Endless meetings and lectures. You are kept prisoner in meetings and behind closed door conversations. This jail time is an excuse for him to pontificate about how awesome he is and how horribly incompetent you are.

Hey let’s go for drinks. After belittling, yelling and embarrassing you, he then says “hey, let’s go out for a drink and watch the game “, as if nothing happened.

If this sounds all too familiar, it may be time to seek a new job and better boss.

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