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What hot stories are on our reader’s minds? What is the most popular career advice we’ve offered so far? What do job seekers want to know today? Check out our top ten recent stories below to find out.

11 Secrets of Hiring Managers

10. 11 Secrets of Hiring Managers

“The next time you walk into an interview, consider the following: Your wedding or engagement ring? Can and may be used against you.” 4/18/12

9. Wall Street Recruiters’ Advice On Overcoming Resume Glut

“As a part of the Wall Street Job Report’s continuing coverage of the job application glut, we are featuring reader feedback and advice.” 4/19/12

8. Recruiters Only Spend 6 Seconds On Your Resume

“When I first began applying for jobs, my dad told me that a hiring manager would likely spend only one to three minutes scanning my resume.” 4/9/12

7. ‘I’ll Make 250K This Year While You’re Unemployed LOL: Recruiting Goes Horribly Wrong

“A man we’ll call Robert has a profile on the employment website, and earlier today he received a message from a recruiter about a job in ‘beautiful Northwest Arkansas.'” 4/17/12

6. Three Things I Wish I Knew On My First Day of Unemployment

“‘I feel so foolish when I think about my unemployment,” one of my friends said recently. “Why didn’t I use my time more wisely?'” 3/29/12

5. Make These Three Mistakes And You Can Lose Your Job Before Your First Day

“It sounds like a nightmare. Just when you finally relax, believing the search to be over, your future employer contacts you to rescind your offer of employment.” 4/20/12

Cops suspect Karl Vanderwoude assaulted at least three women in Manhattan.

4. ‘Well-Dressed Groper’ Suspect Works in Private Equity

“New York City police have reportedly nabbed the “well-dressed groper,” a pervert who had been grabbing Manhattan women’s buttocks – and taking upskirt pictures. And it turns out that the suspect works in finance.” 4/16/12

3. The 5 Must-Have Professional Habits That Will Jumpstart Your Career

“It’s a beautiful thing about habits. Once they are in place, they require no additional effort to keep in place.” 4/4/12

2. Are The Unemployed Applying For Too Many Jobs?

“Are jobseekers sending out too many resumes? That’s what an HR professional recently claimed in a comment on the Wall Street Job Report.” 4/16/12

1. Recruiters Spill: What Are The 10 Worst Mistakes Candidates Can Make?

“I spoke to some recruiters today. They want to know why, in this job climate, you are jeopardizing your opportunities to get hired.” 4/18/12

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