Taking Your Job Search Mobile: Seven Top Job Search Apps To Know

It seems like everyone is going mobile these days. According to Beyond.com, 77% of job seekers are using mobile search apps. It wasn’t long ago when searching for a job was a laborious, intensive project, as one relied on newspapers, community job boards, union halls, and leads from family & friends. Even then, the results generated were few, increasing the time it took to find a job.

Today’s technology, placing thousands of jobs at your fingertips, is a game changer for job seekers. Accessing your resume, important documents, company information, and interacting with employers online makes you more productive, while potentially reducing the time you’re out of work.

The 7 mobile apps listed below are free resources available to take your job search mobile.

These first two apps are what I call “administrative apps.” They keep you organized and ready to rock. They’re like having a briefcase in your pocket.

1. Dropbox – a free service providing up to 2GB of online storage accessible anywhere you have an Internet connection or through their mobile application. Store multiple copies of your resume, references, transcripts, certifications, etc. Imagine having this information immediately available at the employer’s request or to apply for a hot new job lead.

2. Evernote – allows you to virtually keep track of everything for free. It’s available as a mobile app, plus anywhere you have Internet access. This app allows you to easily track and keep records of everything related to your job search: appointments, names of contacts, addresses, phone numbers, websites, etc. One key feature is the ability to take photos of business cards right into the app allowing you to save contact information for effective follow up. This app even allows you to record notes by speaking into your mobile device.

The next two apps are your “productivity apps.” It’s where the action occurs as you hunt for prospective job openings. They will provide you with thousands of opportunities.

3. JobMo – boasts several functions that are incredibly useful: access to a large amount of jobs, ability to directly apply for the job, interactive map showing locations, forums to hold discussions with other users, company information, salary comparisons, and more.

4. LinkUp – unique in the fact that it only indexes job listings from company websites. It accesses over 22,000 sites, updating information nightly. Again, as with most of the other apps you can save your searches and even set up alerts to notify you.

We finish up with the final three “networking apps.” The most successful job search process is networking. These apps will keep you connected as you tap the hidden job market.

5. LinkedIn – world’s largest professional network with over 120 million members and growing. Connect with friends, associates, professionals, recruiters, employers and more. One of the first places recruiters search when trying to fill open positions.

6. Facebook – one of the most popular social networking sites and based on information from Wikipedia boasts over 750 million users. Excellent way to tap into your online network, find out what your old friends are up to, and how they can help you in your search.

7. Twitter – is a microblogging / social media site with over 140 million active users. It’s becoming increasingly popular as a networking source for job seekers. Consider participating in a job search chat and make sure to follow job search sites within your field to get a real-time feed of the latest job posts.

It may seem a little overwhelming at first, but each of these apps has a short learning curve with incredible payoffs in helping you gain the advantage over your competitors. You’ll have the flexibility to access 1,000’s of jobs, retrieve important documents, track your progress, and apply instantly all within a matter of minutes. All the resources you need to make your mobile job search a success are instantly available to you through these apps.

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Jeff Melvin is a blogger, writer, and coach at CareerCoachJeff.com. He empowers people to take charge of their careers while encouraging them to live a life of abundance.

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