Sallie Krawcheck Talks About Recovering From Bank of America, Taking Up Yoga, Women on Wall Street

sallie krawcheckThis is one of your first interviews since being pushed out of Bank of America. What have you been up to?
I’ve just been keeping my head low, spending time with my family, and thinking through what my next steps will be.

How did you spend those first 24 hours?
I went home is what I did. I received a good number of outreaches from colleagues, former colleagues, friends. The first 24 hours was really allowing myself to receive that. There are points in life when you let yourself be taken care of. Some of the notes I received in those first hours I’ve kept. It reminds you that you’re not operating on your own.

Did you have dinner with your husband? Maybe a cocktail?
Make no mistake, I had a drink.

And the second 24 hours?
I went into pitching mode and reached out to colleagues I hadn’t heard from and to a select number of Bank of America board members to say, “I am not reaching out to complain, whine, or second-guess. I would appreciate the opportunity to hear from you what I could have done better.” It’s important to wring every bit of personal development out of every experience.

In retrospect, what do you think you could have done differently?
I am proud of what I and the team accomplished there. The business was better off on the day I left than on the day I arrived. I was able to stand up for my clients and put them at the center. But anyone who says they would have done everything the same is lying to themselves. There are always things you would do differently. I’m a female — it’s a very female characteristic to think through issues again and again. However, I also recognize that it’s impossible to change the past.

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