Job Seekers: How to Follow Up Like You Mean It

by The Compliance Exchange on September 29, 2014

Networking. Writing cover letters. Tweaking and retweaking and burning your résumé and starting all over. You did the hard stuff. But job seekers sometimes shoot themselves in the feet by forgetting one of the simplest tasks – writing a 100-word email after applying to jobs and interviewing.

Here’s your guide to perfecting the follow-up:

You … Read More »

Can You Tell Which Of These Job Interview Questions Are Illegal?

by The Compliance Exchange on September 29, 2014

waiting for a job interviewJob interviews are stressful and difficult, even when employers are following the law.

But many seemingly innocuous and common interview questions, like “Do you have any kids?” can be illegal or put you at risk of being discriminated against.

While every state has different laws … Read More »

10 Stupid Things Bosses Say When They Fire People

by The Compliance Exchange on September 29, 2014

Getting fired sucks. And getting fired sucks even worse when the person letting you go says something foolish, stupid, or even insulting.

After all, the sole goal of the people doing the firing is to treat the employee as respectfully and compassionately … Read More »

Don’t Get Fired… But If You Do, Don’t Do These Things

by The Compliance Exchange on September 29, 2014

1. Make a sceneThis shouldn’t have to be said, but it does. Being fired is obviously very emotional and some people handle it badly including yelling, swearing, crying.Of course, … Read More »

You Don’t have to stress out about writing a resume but understand that it is a marketing tool

by Jack J. Kelly on September 29, 2014

If you expect an involved, boring, clichéd, in-depth description of how to write a resume you will be sadly disappointed.

Resume writing is one of the areas that people stress out the most about. They will go to “professional” resume writers spending thousands of dollars and waste hours rewriting drafts and obsessing over font … Read More »

Career Advice from an Experienced Recruiter that doesn’t involve leaving your current job

by Jack J. Kelly on September 29, 2014

In my articles and podcasts I discuss proven ways that you can use to find a new job.

Over the last 15 years of speaking and interacting with hiring managers, candidates, human resources, and corporate executives, I was fortunate to learn of what makes a person desirable and indispensable at their current firm.

We have … Read More »

The True Story of a Federal Reserve Examiner Who Secretly Taped Her Conversations about Goldman Sachs

by Jack J. Kelly on September 29, 2014

A big Compliance and Regulatory story hit late last week.

With the quietness associated with the Rosh Hashanah holiday and absence of a billion dollar fine attached to the story it kind of fell through the cracks in terms of getting widespread coverage. Also, the issues are very “inside baseball” stuff which doesn’t lend … Read More »

Warren Calls for Hearings on New York Fed Allegations

by The Compliance Exchange on September 29, 2014

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren called for congressional hearings into allegations that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has been too deferential to the firms it regulates.

A radio program about the regional Fed bank raised “disturbing issues” and “it’s our job to make sure our financial regulators are doing their jobs,” Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat … Read More »

Wall Street Might Miss Eric Holder When He’s Gone

by The Compliance Exchange on September 29, 2014

Barack Obama Eric HolderWith Attorney General Eric Holder’s departure from Washington, critics say Wall Street is losing someone who has essentially given the industry a pass on the excesses that led to the financial crisis. In another potential wrinkle for Wall Street, two of the leading candidates who could follow in … Read More »

Joseph ‘JoJo’ Giorgianni set to be sentenced in former Trenton Mayor Tony Mack corruption scheme

by The Compliance Exchange on September 29, 2014

A longtime campaign supporter and friend of former Mayor Tony Mack will be sentenced in federal court Thursday morning for his role in accepting bribes on behalf of Mack.

Joseph “JoJo” Giorgianni, 65, pleaded guilty in December, just before he was set to go to trail alongside Mack and Mack’s … Read More »

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