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10. Recruiters Spill: What Are The 10 Worst Mistakes Candidates Can Make?

“I spoke to some recruiters today. They want to know why, in this job climate, you are jeopardizing your opportunities to get hired.

Not only that, your silly mistakes and improper etiquette are making their job harder. They want you to get hired. But you have to do your part too.

Here’s their step-by-step guide to ruining your chances at a new job. Read it and take it to heart.” 4/18/12

9. The 5 Must-Have Professional Habits That Will Jumpstart Your Career

“It’s a beautiful thing about habits. Once they are in place, they require no additional effort to keep in place.” 4/4/12

8. New Report: How To Get Your Resume Past Automatic Tracking Systems

“Remember the resume black hole I wrote about a few months ago? It’s one of the main reasons that the online job search has proved so frustrating for millions of unemployed people.” 3/22/12

Job Interviewer

7. How To Answer Ten Trickiest Interview Questions

“You finally got the interview. But how do you prepare for potential questions that actually intended to slip you up?” 3/5/12

6. Wall Street Prepares For Sweeping Layoffs at Citi, Goldman, Credit Suisse, JPMorgan

“Having already slashed bonuses, banks including Citigroup Inc., Goldman Sachs Group Inc., J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. and Morgan Stanley are preparing to cut dozens of jobs, including some held by senior bankers, according to people familiar with the matter.” 4/23/12

How to Get Past Automated Robot Resume Screeners

5. How To Get Your Resume Past Computer Screening Tactics

“Today’s technologically sophisticated job applications often leave applicants wondering where their information ends up. As an unopened e-mail, buried at the bottom of a hiring manager’s overflowing inbox?” 1/30/12

How to drive your interviewer nuts

4. Drive Your Interviewer Crazy in 10 Easy Steps

“1. Show up late for the scheduled appointment and don’t bother to call before you arrive. When you get there, don’t apologize to the interviewer for your lateness.” 2/9/12

3. Banker Refuses to Work For $310,000 Base Salary & Sues JPMorgan For $920,000

“Yes, you read that correctly. In June 2010, Switzerland-based currency trader Kai Herbert happily resigned from his current position at UBS and accepted an offer from JPMorgan Chase at its Johannesburg branch–to the tune of $3.1 million (24 million rand) base salary per year.” 3/23/12

2. Three Things I Wish I Knew On My First Day of Unemployment

“‘I feel so foolish when I think about my unemployment,’ one of my friends said recently. ‘Why didn’t I use my time more wisely?'” 3/29/12

People Say I Have A Bad Attitude...

1. Three Types of Employees Being Fired Now

“The unemployment rate remains stubbornly high. Certain sectors such as the financial services industry continue to see a steady stream of pink slips. And by now, four years after the crisis, everyone should know not to take their job security for granted.” 2/28/12

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