Investment Banker Moons Boss: What’s The Craziest, Most Foolish Way To Get Fired?

News has it that a former Bank of America partner decided to show his disapproval of a management decision by showing his rear to the management.

Needless to say, it was not well received, and the employee in question, Jason Selch, was fired. This transpired back in 2005, but the story was picked up by the Huffington Post yesterday as an Illinois appeals court ruled against Selch in a lawsuit Selch filed against Bank of America to protest his dismissal.

“The clear interpretation of plaintiff’s behavior is that it was insubordinate, disruptive, unruly and abusive,” wrote Judge Michael Murphy in the Aug. 29 decision, according to the Huffington Post.

Before dropping trou, Selch did ask his superiors if the bank employed a noncompete clause, just in case his action resulted in a job loss.

Is this the wackiest firing story you’ve ever heard? Or is there another ungracious exit that you or a coworker made during the course of your career?

Please share your stories below. We are very curious…

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