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Here’s What’s Happening in the Current Compliance Job Market

How the new Trump Presidency will Impact your Career and Job Search

Global Fintech firm seeks a Head of US Compliance

Dirty Little Recruiting Secrets – a web series

Hot New Compliance & Regulatory Jobs

We have compiled a list of compliance and regulatory jobs that are hot and ready to be filled. Beat others to the punch and jump on the right opportunity while you have the chance.

Jack Kelly Explains How CSG Started and How it Got to Where it is Now

Jack Kelly Introduces and discusses how it helps a candidate can find a great new job and a hiring manager could find a fantastic new employee

Advertise With Us – Compliance Search Group – President and Founder, Jack Kelly

Introduction to The Compliance Exchange newsletter and blog

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Are you not seeing new jobs posted? Recruiters not calling back with feedback? Companies unresponsive to your emails and resume? Please listen to my new Career and Interview Advice Podcast – Everything You Need to Know About the Current Job Market! I offer an insiders view of what is happening right now ….

Everything you Need to Know About the Current Job Market

Do you know what salary range to expect if you receive an offer? If not you need to listen to this.

So, you didn’t get the job again. Let’s talk about your tone.

Is your significant other on board with your decision to pursue a new job?

To succeed in an interview you must put yourself in the shoes of the interviewer

How To Not Blow Up Your Job Search When You Are Already At The Finish Line

Your Resume has only 10 Seconds to Catch the Hiring Managers Attention

How to check out and investigate the people that will be interviewing you