Are you stuck in a rut at work?  Here are some questions to ask yourself to help dig yourself out!

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A Bizarre Battle broke out between President Trump and the departing Head of a major Regulatory Agency, and it’s not a good sign for Compliance and Regulatory professionals

  By Jack J. Kelly   As an Executive Recruiter I am always asked about the current job market. In particular, since I specialize in the placement of Compliance, Legal, Risk, Audit, Anti-Money Laundering, and Regulatory professionals, job seekers are specifically concerned about the ...Read More

To Achieve a Goal, first get a Plan of Action, and so there are no excuses, I put an easy one together just for you

By Jack J. Kelly   To say you want to achieve a goal is easy. To actually follow through and achieve something important is incredibly challenging.  Don’t worry; I am here to help you get started.  A journey of a thousand miles begins with ...Read More

How to Bounce Back after getting your butt kicked and constantly Failing while Interviewing

By Jack J. Kelly   Seeking a new job is frustrating, aggravating, nerve wracking, and anxiety ridden (and this is coming from someone who earns a living as an Executive Recruiter). Be prepared, you will fail more times then you succeed. Resume submissions will ...Read More

Saudi Arabia Aggressive Anti-Corruption Purge leads to Arrests including a high-profile multi-Billionaire Prince

By Jack J. Kelly Over the weekend, in a bold move that surprised and astonished the global financial and political community, the Saudi Arabia government arrested nearly a dozen princes, and former and current officials in a new anti-corruption movement. Well-known multi-billionaire investor, Prince ...Read More

Do you Seek a New Job or Need to Hire? If so, you Must Read this to Understand the new Cold, Impersonal, Heartless Job Market

By Jack J. Kelly Are you searching for a new job?  Are you a hiring manager seeking to replace an employee who recently left your firm?  When was the last time you were involved in searching for a job or hiring someone?  If it ...Read More